Maya Angelou Award

Maya Angelou Award

Category: Postdoctoral Researcher - Leadership

Dr. Maya Angelou was an award-winning and critically acclaimed poet, novelist, educator, producer, actress, dancer, historian, filmmaker, and civil rights activist. Born in St. Louis, she gained recognition with the publication of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” in 1969. Throughout her life, Dr. Angelou promoted equality, equity, and self-empowerment of Black women and people of color. Dr. Angelou was honored by President Barack Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2010.

Award Goals

The goal of the Maya Angelou Award for Postdoctoral Excellence in Leadership is to acknowledge postdoctoral research associates and scholars at Washington University in St. Louis who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in leadership and public service by improving the lives of Black communities; engaging in civic activities; serving local, national, or international communities; or demonstrating selflessness and compassion. This award is sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at Washington University in St. Louis.

Award Criteria

Nominees must be current postdoctoral researchers at Washington University in St. Louis who have demonstrated a commitment to:

  • Attaining academic and research excellence towards the advancement of scholarship;
  • Elevating the voices of Black communities through scholarship or service; and
  • Promoting environments that are respectful, collegial, supportive, compassionate, and inspiring

Nomination Process

Postdoctoral Researchers can self-nominate or be nominated by Washington University faculty, administrators, staff, or students.

Required Documents for Nominees

To complete the nomination process, please upload the following documents:

  • Current CV or resume (2 pages maximum)
  • Essay providing evidence of leadership excellence (500 words maximum)
  • Letter of recommendation: At least one strong letter of support from someone who can attest to the nominee’s character and how they meet the award criteria

Please include your first and last name in the name of each file (e.g., first-last-CV.doc), as well as within the title or body of the document.