Current Awards

The James E. McLeod Awards are named in honor of African and African American pioneers in the areas of literature, science, art and community service. Some are scholars while others are outstanding citizens. This group of individuals inspire us all to strive to reach our maximum potential while uplifting our neighbors.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mary McLeod Bethune Award

Mary McLeod Bethune

Graduate - Leadership
George Washington Carver Award

George Washington Carver

Undergraduate - Research
William Edward Bur​ghardt​

William Edward Bur​ghardt​

University Staff
John B. Ervin Award

John B. Ervin

(U College) Undergraduate/Graduate - Civic Engagement
Frankie Muse Freeman Award

Frankie Muse Freeman

Undergraduate – Community Service
Langston Hughes Award

Langston Hughes

Undergraduate – Visual and Performing Arts or Creative Writing
Wangari Maathai Award

Wangari Maathai

Graduate - Community Service
Nelson Mandela Award

Nelson Mandela

Undergraduate - Leadership
Thurgood Marshall Special Award

Thurgood Marshall

Undergraduate (senior) - Leadership